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Pools and Riffles, Heighington

  • Current Status of the Project:Completed
  • Project Starting Date:Early Autumn
  • Project Completion Date:Early Autumn
  • Project Organizer:Laura Brooks
  • Project Categories:Watercourse

Pools and Riffles, Heighington

We are very lucky in Lincolnshire to have wonderful Limestone Becks, which are very special watercourses as they are rarely found in this part of the Country. Limestone Becks also have a unique habitat and so make them special to work with.

As a result of long-standing silt build up, over-abstraction and re-engineering, the channel is straighter and deeper as a result with drastically less flora and fauna and natural habitats.

Natural Limestone Becks would feature pools and riffles and so with an extremely helpful landowner, we began gravel introduction, specifically limestone chip, along a 400m stretch to create a wonderful riffle and pool sequence.

By creating deeper pools, along with shallower riffles allows for a natural diversification in habitat. Fish can feed, find shelter and spawn, whilst the changing flow allows for flora and fauna to thrive.

This project went extremely well with the local community often stopping to talk and express their positive feedback.

Many thanks to Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, who worked closely with the Wild Trout Trust and the Environment Agency, along with ourselves to deliver this project.