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Stamford Millstream Improvement Project

Stamford Millstream

  • Current Status of the Project:Completed
  • Project Starting Date:November 2022
  • Project Completion Date:November 2022
  • Project Organizer:Laura
  • Project Categories:Habitat Management and Restoration
Habitat Restoration

Stamford Millstream Improvement Project

This exciting project was completed in November 2022, working closely with East Mercia Rivers Trust and The Environment Agency, there are several different elements to this project.

Pre-planted coir roll was installed along the concrete bank of Bath Row to improve habitat for a variety of wildlife, adds sinuosity which improves the river flow and gives a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look to the channel. Introduction of Limestone gravel (sourced locally) to improve the water quality; the gravel slightly raises the bed levels, meaning the water flow will break over the top, oxygenating the water. This in turn means the gravel will also provide a home for invertebrates living in the water. In addition, a gravel beach feature was also installed. This is graded and shallow enough to walk on and the aim is to encourage everyone to wander down, use and engage with the river and surrounding areas.

The old, historic weir was also removed, and replaced with a natural rock ramp. This allows for better flow of the water, whilst enabling fish passages and better water quality given the river can now naturally flow and ‘bubble’ over the rock ramp.

The local community gave us positive feedback, and once the ground and grasses have re-established in the Spring and Summer, this project will really enhance the already beautiful area of Stamford Millstream.